Post 2H: The Four Appeals


When advertisers are deciding what angle to pitch their product or service from, they typical try to use one of the four ‘appeals’: biological, emotional, rational or social.  Sometimes the appeals overlap in an advertisement, more often than not there is one predominant appeal being used to entice potential customers.  Your blog post task for this week is find a commercial you think best exemplifies one of the four appeals.  Post a Youtube link to the commercial, and an accompanying write that explain which appeal it uses and why you think it is effective or not.


18 thoughts on “Post 2H: The Four Appeals

  1. This commercial uses the emotion. i think that the commercial having a dog in it with a cute story will catch everyone in the familys attention. Car commercials are mostly attracted toward men and this one is going to grab everyones attention making it a better commercial then other car ads.


  2. This ad pulls on emotional heart strings, as well as a societal movement towards empowering women. They push towards moving beyond labels, which is currently a hot topic of discussion for many different social movements.


  3. This ad is made by Thai Life Insurance, which presents a daily life of a young man. The man is not wealthy, but he uses what he has to give back to others around him. This is emotional advertisement because it touches viewers heart and can actually change their points of views in their lives.


  4. This advertisement shows a men’s daily life, and in each day he is helping all the people who needs help and being selfless contribution. Continued for a long period of time, he finally receives all the good report back that he deserves. This advertisement was a very popular emotional advertisement that spread on the internet.


  5. In this ad the appeal of this ford ad is rational thinking. It is very effective because in many cars and trucks people want to ensure they are buying the most reliable and most safe vehicle. By appealing to someone rational side you are able to make sure people are thinking through their decisions clearly and with all the facts that they would need to make their choice.


  6. This is an Airbnb ad that focuses on emotional, social, and rational responses. First it relates to the recent immigration policies set up by Trump so many people who feel strongly towards that will watch the ad. It is also preying on social aspects because if one had a friend of family afffected by one of the policies and saw that Airbnb supported diversity they would think highly of the company. Finally it is rational because most people are not controlled by fear and understand that the new policies have affected many innoncent people.


  7. an emotional ad i like is the sixth sense Superbowl ad by Hyundai from a few years back. It uses the emotional connection that a father and a son have, and makes you realize how deep the connection is between a family. The emotional Bruno mars song brings the viewer to stop and think about the bond between the two in the video as they get older and progress through the stages of the kids life. The dad is clearly always looking out for his son, and it shows by pulling at the heartstrings to grab at your emotions.


  8. This ad but Statefarm is a social ad. This ad is seen as a social ad because it uses super star athletes to promote their company. I think this would be very successful because of how well known these basketball players and also how popular the company is. People will see these celebs and will want to use the same insurance as them also it is very humorous.


  9. This commercial appeals the social type because it uses soccer stars which is effective because fans of soccer or these soccer stars will buy more of this product because their idol made an appearance in them/


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